The classic hairstyles of the 1940s & 50s continue to influence the hairstyles of today. It is typical to see images of pinup hairstyles with straight hair that has been curled, but what about the pinup style lovers who don’t have straight hair? This how-to hair tutorial will demonstrate how to achieve a retro updo with victory rolls adapted for naturally kinky/curly hair. It’s really easy to do, and only requires hairpins, a comb, and maybe a little water  

Being that natural hair can easily be molded into place without having to be teased, scorched with heating tools, or sprayed to death with hair spray; this hairstyle can be ideal for achieving the pinup girl look without the styling damages.

Written by Angelique Noire

Wardrobe: Jessica Dress in Red by Pinup Couture

The necklace, earrings, and hair flower are custom made by Glitter Paradise 

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Voting began Feb.16, 2012 and ended Feb. 28, 2012 
Winner announced Feb. 29, 2012
Youtube channel Lisa Freemont Street 

You may be familiar with this drop dead, gorgeous beauty Angelique Noire who has contributed recently to the natural hair chitlin' circuit with her pinup girl styles. I admit she is the one responsible for my recent infatuation with retro styles. Angelique is a model as well as a mother. I am always so interested in learning about how other mothers manage and reflect on their lives as mothers. She was kind enough to oblige to my inquires.                                                                                                                                                                        

How many children do you have? How old is/are your child(ren)?        I have two children. A 10 yr old girl and 7 yr old boy.

If you could tell your pre-baby self anything to prepare for motherhood, what would it be?        I can't think of anything in particular. I have taken care of several babies and children while growing up, which thoroughly prepared me for the motherhood journey.

The times are definitely a-changing. The stay at home, betty crocker-esque archetype of motherhood is being redefined. In what ways do you think you are re-defining mother-hood?         People are extremely surprised when I mention that I have kids. Then when I say how old my children are, they are even more shocked. Being that I am a model, I do not have a 9-5 job. The hours are very unpredictable. There's quite a bit of work that I can do from the comforts of my home, on the days I am not modeling for specific clients. I do a lot of photo editing, retouching, video editing, and more in relation to my career. In essence, I am able to somewhat be the stay at home/working mom too.

 What has been your greatest challenge as a mother?        My children are great kids, so it's not very challenging to raise them, THANK GOD! We have great communication with one another. So far, they are very open with what's on their minds. Trying to find various activities to entertain/educate them without having to spend a great deal of money, pose some challenges. I purposely don't have cable/ local channels on TV. I control what they watch on Netflix, and the video games they play. The greatest challenges come from having to deal with my ex husband's attempts to demonize me when my children go visit him; the non-existence of his financial support to contribute to raising our children; and much more. The challenges I have endured for many years are tremendous.  I left him and divorced over 5 years now. Though he no longer has the ability to physically assault or sexually abuse me, he unfortunately continues to persecute and use me as the scapegoat to blame for the poor choices he makes. One can't fully appreciate what's good unless they experience what's bad. Thank God, my children are smart enough to see the differences. I also, thank God I don't have to say anything negative about him to my children, because he does a pretty good job of making himself look bad. To put it simply, "All things (good and bad) work together for my good because I trust in God" (Romans 8:28) :)
What has been the most rewarding aspect of motherhood?            The genuine love and appreciation I feel from my children is the most rewarding aspect of motherhood. For example, I usually get up between 5-6 every morning, and my son is often up before me. So when I first enter into the living room, he stops what he is doing; runs to me with a hug smile on his face; and gives me the biggest hug he can give :) I love it when my daughter, gives me random hugs too. 

What do you wish the most that your child cultivates and keeps in his/her adulthood?      
  I want my kids to understand that challenges in life are not meant to crush them, but are there to make them stronger. I also encourage them to have a relationship, understanding, and faith in God. It's cute to see when they relate an experience they have to a Joel Osteen sermon they remember watching with me :)
How do you maintain your sense of self against the constant demand for self- sacrifice and constant vigilance as a mother?             I can't really say that I have sacrificed my "self" as being a mom. Being a mom is one aspect of me, just as much as my skin color is a part of me. Adjustments are made to manage whatever challenges and celebrations that come my way. I am also able to include my children in doing the things I enjoy too.

Do you have anything to share to the anticipating or new mothers out there?                You are blessed with a gift. Before you know it your baby grows into a teenager, and then an adult in what seems like overnight. Appreciate and cultivate the time/relationship you have with your children. 
Angelique Noire is a Top Black Pin Up Destined to Be An Icon. She is truly amazing and represents the pin up industry very well.

She has true class, glamour, an amazing cheesecake smile, innocent sex appeal and adorable charm which are required for a top pin up girl.

Her confidence shines through and you can't help but stare.

Angelique Noire is proving to the pin up world that any woman, of any nationality can be an exceptional glamour queen.

Best to keep a look out for this lady. Soon she will be everywhere you look.

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On Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, Angelique Noire is honored with the title of "Girl Monday" January 16, 2012 by Rebel Pin-Up Page !